Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here's the scoop!

55 West & Co is officially for sale. There are lots of stories and rumors about so I thought I'd share a little about what's really going on...

This past fall, I went for an annual doctor check-up and was shocked to find out that I am in stage 5 renal failure. I will start dialysis soon and will need a kidney transplant in the near future. The doctors say that I'm a prime candidate for a transplant, and it's a pretty common procedure these days--some good news! In the meantime, I am taking tons of herbs, eating lots of organic veggies, and seeing many new age doctors. I'm actually the healthiest that I've ever been besides the kidney function!

This has been a life-altering experience...I've decided that I need to make some big changes and really focus on healing. Many tears were shed when I realized that keeping the store open was no longer an option. I just can't physically keep up with it. On a positive note, I have decided that I will continue to create jewelry, artwork, rugs, and painted furniture. My plan is to find a barn in the country where I can have a workshop and host quarterly shows. I will also continue selling my wares to other retail stores; 55 originals will still be available in cute shops throughout Ohio and beyond!

The building and/or the business are for sale. I would love to see 55 West continue to operate in Millersburg. It's such an inspiring escape for regulars and a fun surprise to Amish country visitors. Because of the circumstances, however, I must consider selling the building alone should a buyer be interested. Please feel free to spread the word!

The plan is to keep the store open until it sells as long as there are no major health complications in the meantime. I have reduced the hours of operation, and sometimes just don't have the energy to open. So please call ahead if you're making a special trip! If the building sells and not the business, we will have a huge sale, but I'm still adding inventory at this point.

I'm so thankful that I got to be a part of Downtown Millersburg and meet thousands of interesting people over the years. I really appreciate all of the support from the community and fans of 55. The outpouring of support has been more overwhelming to me than hearing the news about my kidneys. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support, prayers, and well wishes. I feel truly blessed by your kindness!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Minute Invitation!!!

Set up for free at Millersburg's 3rd of July celebration! Bring your artwork, antiques, garage sale items, etc and set up on the sidewalks and alleys! 1000's of people attend our event; be a part of the magic! set up is 9am or later and festivities are planned till 9:45 when the fireworks begin. Stay as long as you like! Set up is FREE!!! Contact me via email or phone if you'd like to participate!
Stefanie 330.674.6333

Friday, May 28, 2010

Coming Soon....

Historic Downtown Millersburg is sponsoring an incredible fireworks display on Saturday, July 3rd in addition to live music, a beer garden, tons of activities for kids, and even a flea market in the alleys! Pig out on homemade ice cream, BBQ chicken, and many other delectable treats on the courthouse lawn. Hope you can make it! Please visit historicdowntownmillersburg.com for more details.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


For many years now, fans of 55 have requested that I offer goods for purchase on the internet...
Are you ready for this?-- We've finally done it! WooHoo! Check us out at etsy.com. As of today, I have a whopping 2 items listed, but we'll be adding to this daily--so check back often! Also, we are now on Facebook! Simply click the facebook icon to the right to become a friend of 55!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun and colorful new jewelry designs!

Garden Stones

Great in the garden, on the deck, or in the house....
The large planter styles are perfect for a 4" round flower pot. Small votive holders are also available... and the cores make excellent incense burners!

Check out this groovy chandelier...

Unusual finds

Perfect for indoors or out, this iron table and chairs definitely makes a statement in bold yellow!

This oak cylinder desk is in excellent condition.

This reclining dentist's chair would be perfect in a bachelor pad.... recline while you watch a movie and use the adjustable tray for your popcorn!

The cat's eyes glow when you turn this nightlight on... creepy or cool?-we're not sure....

Oilcloth Aprons

Look fabulous while you do your household chores! Oilcloth aprons are perfect for gardening, painting, and craft projects as well...

Latest Quote Portraits

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is finally here! Sarah is making the most of the sunshine as she freshens up some new arrivals in the back alley....
Isn't she just cute as can be in her painting apron?

So John's latest weasely prank is to blow this antique trumpet when we're not expecting it. It gives me a start every time he does it-- which only seems to be encourage him to do it more!

Millersburg hosts Antiques in the Alley

Mark your calender! Antiques in the Alley will take place on May 8th and August 7th this year. Antique dealers, artists and crafters line the streets and alleys of historic downtown Millersburg from 9-5. An estimated 50 vendors will be setting up and displaying their wares. Hope you can make it!
Interested in promoting your business or organization during the event? We'd love to have you! Check out historicdowntownmillersburg.com for information! p.s. non profit groups are invited to set up at no charge!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One WILD night!

Girl's Night Out in Millersburg was a smashing success! Here at 55 we featured Rootz Hair Studio. Erin is seen here in the front window where she styled hair all night! Retro bouffants were the inspiration....
55 regular, Summer, wasn't afraid to go for it!
Doesn't she look fabulous?!!!--like she should be in a movie with Gidget!

These little girls got their nails done at another stop... they were so excited to show me! After I took their photo, they just giggled and jumped around. So cute!
It was a packed house all night!
Ruthie must have poured 500 cups of deluxe hot cocoa!

We were even blessed by the presence of Whitney Superstar, a childhood friend of mine from Portland, Oregan.
Supa-Star was in the house!

More Girl's Night Out Fun...

Kara with Daystar Photography had fun with a group of girls dressed in get-ups from our vintage catwalk. The Vintage Glamour Shots were a HUGE hit!!!

Girls young and old joined in the fun!
Hats and boas were flying all over the 2nd floor of 55!

Everyone had fun... as I walked by the fitting room, I caught Marie and her daughter-in-laws in the bathtub!-Silly girls!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Get your boufant on!

Historic Downtown Millersburg presents:
February 20, 2010
Grab your girlfriends and come on over! All the stores in downtown will be participating by offering free services and refreshments. Here at 55 we'll feature Rootz Hair Salon and Daystar Photography. Erin and Lisa will transform you with a retro hairstyle, and Kara will commemorate the evening with a vintage glamor shot! 55 associates will help to accessorize you with options from our vintage catwalk so you'll look your best under Kara's dramatic lighting set up!Our entire selection of vintage clothing along with all 55 original jewelry designs will be 20% off during the event as well!
I really hope you can make it!-stef

Newest creations...

I couldn't resist....

What a treat I got today when I opened my email! Former 55 associate Jamie sent me this fun photo of her adorable Ellie. I hope this shot puts a smile on your face too! -stef

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Snowfall at Crooked Creek Cabin

Children's Night in Millersburg

I left Sarah and Cole for just a few minutes as we were preparing for face painting the parade of kids that were about to arrive for children's night... and upon my return found that Sarah decided to warm-up by painting a mustache on Cole's upper lip! They started quite a trend...

Tucker's big brother Thane didn't hesitate to ask for one...