Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Favorite Photos

Posted by Jamie
I was looking through some of the photos I've taken of 55 WEST over the last year, and I just wanted to share two of my favorites. The top photo is absolutely my favorite. The colors and the energy of that little vignette are what 55 WEST is all about. The teal bedroom set was so sad looking when it came here to 55, and once we'd given it a bold new coat of color and a shabby chic finish, it really commanded attention and just lit up this corner of the store.
The second photo shows just how much floor space this beautiful building has... and this is only the first floor! (* The man at the bottom of the stairs is our buddy John. He stops in each day to say hello and to take Stef's dog Otis for a walk. He's a real hoot, especially when he and Stef get to teasing each other. She just got him a T-shirt for his birthday that boldly proclaims his nickname - WEASEL BOY. He calls her THE WEIRD ONE, so their love and respect for one another is mutual!)

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tunegirl said...

I MUST shop here! Can't wait to see the store in person. I'm coming soon!!!!!